Brand Stories - Square to Logo

Founded: 2009
Valuation: ~ $3 billion
Original Domain:
Preferred Domain Name:

When Jack Dorsey, a Twitter co-founder, and Jim McKelvey developed the idea behind Square, they reportedly came across “square” in the dictionary. The word’s connotations were a perfect fit to their visions of both the company and the brand, especially the expressions like “square up” and “fair and square”, both of which mean being fair in settling deals. Plus, the term also provided the idea behind their hardware. 

Square, by the way, is a service that allows consumers to pay via their credit cards by using their smartphones and for merchants to accept such payments. 

But wasn’t available when Square was launched. The company then chose, a satisfactory second-choice pick but it was still not the best. More recently, it purchased reportedly for millions of dollars. 


Square is widely referred to as simply Square in both traditional and digital media so the acquisition of was a logical move. We guess that thousands of people made the mistake of emailing their contacts in their belief that they were emailing but they weren’t, far from it. For a payments processing company, the email vulnerability alone was a sufficient reason to pay top dollars for the domain. 

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