Brand Stories - Anker to Logo

Founded: 2009
Valuation : Over $200 million 
Original Domain:
Preferred Domain Name:

So Yang, who was previously employed as a Google senior engineer, founded Anker in 2011 in China. Within four years, Anker reportedly achieved more than $100 million in annual sales as well as ranked consistently as among’s top sellers.  

With its rumored initial public offering in 2017, it wasn’t surprising that the company wanted to upgrade from its original domain name to a better one, In June 2015, Anker reportedly paid $130,000 for it.  


When you first look at, you will likely be confused about the brand’s identity, even the way it’s pronounced – is it “I Anker” or “I An Ker”? The upgrade removed the confusion so these were dollars spent well on getting to the next level. 

What do these examples show? 

It’s simple – there’s no one-size-fits- all proven method in making the right choice in a domain name. 

We live in a world where employees, consumers and stakeholders embrace the short versions, which are often the most memorable and natural, of domain names. The companies we set as examples, as well as thousands more of others, have invested time, effort and money into getting the perfect domain names.

Upgrade your domain name now! You will find that it’s better to work with human nature than go against it.

We created Anker® to make the smart life simpler; tackling first-world problems like low battery and slow data access to make life better.